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  • Billing Address (Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail)
  • Shipping Address (Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail)
  • Billing Information (Name on Card, Card Number, Card Type, and Expiration Date)

The shipping address is required in order to ship your order; the e-mail address is used to send your receipt and tracking information; the billing address is needed to verify the identity of the cardholder; and the phone number is necessary so that we can call you if there's a problem with your order.
For online orders via our shopping cart we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept checks and money orders. Mail your check or money order along with a detailed letter listing the items you would like and the shipping destination.
We offer free ground shipping on most orders within the continental United States. We do not offer free ground shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. For expedited shipping rates please proceed to our shopping cart where you can submit your shipping zip code for an instant shipping quote on 3 Day Shipping, 2 Day Shipping, and Next Day Shipping.

We will use our best efforts to ship orders the same day provided that the following conditions have been met:
  • The order was placed by 4:00pm Eastern Time
  • There are no issues on the order such as:
    • Declined Credit Card
    • Incorrect Shipping Address
    • Duplicate Order
    • P.O. Box addresses beyond our scope of delivery
  • The order has no backordered items
  • The order is placed on a business day (excludes weekends and holidays)
  • There are no weather conditions or other acts of nature that would delay shipping
  • There are no delays caused by shipping carriers

Please note that delivery time is subject to the ability of our shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, and USPS) to fulfill their delivery schedule. FactoryOutletStore is not liable for packages that weren't delivered on time because of mishaps or unavoidable delays by our shipping carriers.

Note: You DO NOT have to submit your credit card information or make any commitment before seeing and agreeing to your shipping charges.

Note: Any changes made to the delivery addresses after shipment will result in a Correction Fee of up to $20. If the correction will result in the package going to a different state, customer will be responsible for the Correction Fee plus the cost of Shipping.
Most orders are processed and shipped within 1-3 business days. Only orders successfully processed by 4pm Eastern Time are eligible for same-day shipment. In case the product you selected is on backorder, you will receive notification and be given the choice to remain on backorder, substitute the backordered item for another item or cancel the order. All orders go through an address verification system in order to protect our customers and the company against fraud. Therefore, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that are suspected of being under fraudulent activity.
Due to increased demand, inventory levels for some items sometimes deplete rapidly and some of our suppliers are occasionally unable to replenish our stock or dropship for us. While we do the best we can to a) remain fully stocked, b) fulfill all customer orders, and c) keep our shoppers up-to-date on product availability on our website, we occasionally experience a large volume of backorders and limited customer service capabilities. If you place an order with us and don’t receive shipping confirmation, you may wish to contact us via email or chat to check on the status of your order.
We want you to be happy with your purchase from We strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service possible. From first visit to order delivery, we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience.

You may return or exchange most merchandise for a refund within 30 days from date of purchase.

Due to overwhelming piracy on software including DVDs, CDs, and Pre-Loaded Data Cards, the manufacturer has stated that these items cannot be returned back to For any issues concerning the software (i.e. Defect, Troubleshooting, etc.), the customer is responsible for contacting the manufacturer directly for assistance.

At returns are easy. Brand New items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days from date of purchase. Returns are subject to a 15 % restocking fee plus the actual cost of shipping. This amount will be deducted from the amount of your refund.

Factory Serviced items are exchangeable for a replacement of the same model on defective items only within 30 days from date of purchase.

Bulk Packaged items have a 90-Day EXCHANGE ONLY Warranty from date of purchase. Customer should NOT contact the manufacturer for ANY reason associated with these products.

All returns or exchanges missing or with damage to the original box may be refused or may be subject to a 20% penalty fee (i.e. missing/damaged UPC barcodes, missing/damaged manuals, missing/damaged warranties, tape on the manufacturer’s box, etc.). Ship all returns using a traceable shipping method and a separate shipping box. DO NOT put any courier labels on the manufacturer's merchandise packaging. Doing so requires FactoryOutletStore to pay for replacement packaging. Therefore, additional fees will be charged under these circumstances.

We will not accept items back unless they are returned with the manufacturer's original packaging.

FactoryOutletStore is not liable in any way for returned packages that were lost or damaged during shipment.

NOTE: Due to the fact that FactoryOutletStore ships from different warehouses around the country to expedite your shipping time, the address on your packing slip may NOT be the correct address for handling returns and exchanges. FactoryOutletStore is not liable for packages sent to any address other than the following address:

777 East MacArthur Circle
Suite 111
Tucson, AZ  85714

Original shipping costs are non-refundable and the purchaser is also responsible for all return shipping costs. Please include a completed return/exchange form, a copy of your receipt, and a description of all problems you had with the packaged goods. You should choose a courier that provides tracking and insurance for your package. We do not reimburse shipping and handling costs incurred by FactoryOutletStore while processing your order, or any shipping costs you incur while returning or exchanging your purchase.

Brand New: All brand new products are factory sealed. All brand new products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Factory Serviced: A product can be designated as factory serviced for several reasons, including:

It was returned: People might return a product for many different reasons. Sometimes they simply don’t understand how to use it. Other times it’s because they received a product as a duplicate gift. Such returns may not be sold as "new" and must be sold as factory serviced.

It required repair: Some products require repair of initial defects. Rest assured we only sell fully-repaired products that operate as new.

When a product has been returned, it is fully examined by trained technicians. They evaluate every detail to be sure it meets all performance specifications. If they determine that the product can be refurbished, it is reconditioned or repaired to factory specifications, then cleaned and tested. Only then is it packaged and presented here for purchase.

Note: Some products may have minor cosmetic blemishes and/or may not include small accessories such as belt clips, wall brackets, carry cases, manuals, etc.
The manufacturer’s warranty period of all the products we sell is stated in the product description.

Brand New Items: All brand new items come with at least a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty that already comes with your product, you may purchase Factory Protection Plans on most of our products.

To learn more about your Factory Protection Plan, please click here.
Savings at come in many forms on select items:
  • Price reductions from our regular prices
  • Lower prices than prices offered by manufacturers or other retailers for the same item
  • Savings on refurbished, open box items when compared to the price of a new item
  • Savings on main units or add-on items of bundle packages
  • Per unit savings on multipacks
  • ...and More!

Any available and applicable savings above are already reflected in our published prices.

Customers may also receive additional savings in the form of:
  • Coupons and promo codes
  • Rebates offered by manufacturers
  • Discounts provided by our Call Center agents
  • Free gifts

Prices and promotions are subject to change without notice at our sole discretion. Offers are valid while supplies last and can expire at anytime without advance notice. Discounts and savings are applied to select items only. Items may be excluded from any discounting and promotions to comply with manufacturers' pricing policies or at our sole discretion. Offers cannot be combined with other offers, promotions and coupons. Discount is not applied to protection plans, tax, shipping charges or past purchases. If you return items, or your order is canceled or rejected, you will not receive a refund for the value of the discount applied to your order. Other conditions, exclusions and restrictions may apply.
  1. There are several differences between an answering machine and voicemail, though both systems are designed to perform the same basic task.
    • An answering machine is typically built into an existing phone or is a standalone unit.
    • Voicemail is a service that is provided by a telephone provider.
  2. Designed to accomplish the same goal, an answering machine and voicemail are different in how they can be accessed.
    • Since an answering machine is a physical device typically located in the phone or on a separate device, someone typically must press a button on the device to hear the messages. There is also the potential for remote access.
    • Voicemail on the other hand can typically be accessed through a phone or computer since it is a remote system. This allows the customer to access it form just about anywhere.
  3. Another difference is how messages are stored.
    • With an answering machine, a message is recorded and stored within the physical device itself.
    • Voicemail, provides a service by which a caller is transferred to a separate system in which the message is received and recorded
  4. The purpose of both an answering machine and voicemail is to allow someone who is calling to leave a message when no one answers the phone.
    • An answering machine will only allow someone to record a message when no one is on the phone line or answers the phone. Most answering machines will not allow someone to leave a message while someone is using the line.
    • Voicemail systems will allow the caller to leave a voicemail even if the user is on the line with someone else.


Voicemail is a service provided from the Phone company.
An answering machine is a built in unit.

All Clarity expandable handset, when purchased will need to be registered to a MAIN base.

Main Bases include the following:

BT914 D714
D702 E814
D703 XLC3.4+

Spare handset (handset that need to be registered before use):

BT914HS D704HS
D702HS XLC3.6+


The BT914HS is one of the easier phones to register. To register this Expandable handset simply set the HS in the MAIN base and let the phone register. If registration fails, simply remove from the base, take the batteries out of the HS and retry the process.

D702, D703, D704, D712, D714, E814/814CC

The D702HS, D703HS, D704HS all show press HS LOC and hit # to register. The HS LOC can vary depending on which base the customer has. If the customer has a D702, D703, D704, D712, D714 the HS LOC will be the FIND key. If they have the E814, E814CC the HS LOC will be the PAGE/FLASH key. In either instance to register the extra handset press the FIND or PAGE/FLASH key on the base unit for 5 long seconds, release it, press and release the # sign. Wait a few seconds to see if registration takes. If it fails, take the batteries out of the HS and retry the process.


With the XLC series the screen of the handset will display HANDSET NEEDS REGISTERED. To register the XLC series handset press and release the MENU key on the extra handset, hold down the FIND key on the MAIN base for 5 seconds, Release the FIND key, and then press and release the MENU key one more time to initiate the registration process.

Use these tips as a guideline to control the flow of a call.

Performance Difficulties with the Phone

  • Electrical
    • Check the telephones electrical connections.
    • Check to see if the AC adapter has been properly connected/plugged in.
    • Verify that the electrical outlet is working
    • Make sure that they are using the original adapter or one that meets the correct specifications.
    • Disconnect the AC adapter and reconnect it after 5 seconds.
  • Phone Connections
    • Check the telephone line connection
    • Check to see if the phone cord is plugged in properly.
    • Check the operations of the phone jack.
  • Battery
    • Make sure the proper batteries are being used
    • Check to see when the last time they were replaced.
  • System Reset on the Telephone
    • Disconnect Power cord and Phone line.
    • Remove batteries from handset (all if multiple) and the Base (if installed).
    • Allow phone to reset for 15 minutes.
    • Reconnect Power cord and phone line.
    • Re-insert batteries into both base and handset.
    • Re register handsets if necessary.

Handset Batteries for Cordless Telephones

  • General
    • The handset may be left in the base/charger when not in use. The batteries CANNOT overcharge.
    • The speakerphone feature can drain the handset batteries more rapidly and reduce the time needed between charges.
    • Depending on the model, the handset and/or base will have indicators that will let you know when the battery is charging.
  • Is the Base Getting Power?
    • If your base if getting not getting power, your handset will not charge.
      • TIP: Do not plug your base power adapter into an outlet controlled by a light switch.
    • If it has a battery pack, make sure it is securely plugged into the handset. Disconnect the battery and reconnect it, then verify the battery cover is on securely.
    • If the handset shows signs of life (Lights, characters on the display screen, sounds when keys are pressed) it is unlikely a new battery will resolve the issue.
      • However, if the screen is dimming, or the sounds may not be as loud, a new battery could help.
  • Reset Procedure
    • Disconnect the battery(s) from the handset and disconnect the power from the base.
    • After 15 minutes, connect the base and re-install the batteries and cradle the handset in the base allowing a link to be reestablished.

Tips to Improve Sound Quality on a Cordless Phone

  • Handset is Out of Range
    • Move the handset closer
    • If already in range, try a hard reset.
  • Appliances or Other Cordless Phones Plugged into the Same Circuit as the Telephone Base Can Cause Interference.
    • oTry moving the telephone or the appliance to a different outlet.
  • If the Handset Battery is Low, This Can Also Affect Sound Quality.
    • You may need to charge the battery or simply replace it.
      • TIP: We suggest replacing batteries every year to year and a half.
  • The DSL Service Can Cause Static/Noise, Squealing (similar to fax tones), and Other Issues on Your Line.
    • A DSL filter will be required to clear out any sort of noise on the line.
  • If the customer lives near a Radio tower or cell tower, occasionally interference can happen on the line.
    • Installing an RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) filter can help resolve this issue.
  • If you phone shares an outlet with a modem, computer, or television and even a surge protector that has multiple items plugged into it, this can cause static or various noise issues on the line.
    • Try plugging the phone in by itself, directly into the outlet preferentially.
  • The layout of you home may be limiting the operation of your phone. If you experience static as you move through your house, or as you move outside.
    • Keep in mind where you started to experience static, this is the range of your cordless phone.
    • You can also try relocating the base to a more central location or a high up location for better coverage.
  • You may have a line issue.
    • Testing your phone in a completely different location with a different service provider will narrow down whether or not it is your phone or your service provider.

Answering Machine Will Not Work

  • Plays your greeting but won’t record messages
    • Make sure the system is actually set to record messages
  • Message capacity may be full
    • You must erase old messages to make room for new ones.
  • If you have voicemail (a service provided through your phone company) your callers messages may be going to your voicemail box
    • Program your voicemail to pick up at least 2 rings after the answering machine is set to answer the calls.

Speakerphone Fades In and Out

  • Excessive background noise will cause a speakerphone to fade in and out.
    • Try controlling background noise by turning off any audio devices. If background noise cannot be controlled, you should terminate the usage of speakerphone and return to normal use of the handset.

Phone is not Receiving Caller ID Information

  • Not all calls provide Caller ID information, and/or some calls may come in as PRIVATE, UNAVAILABLE, or OUT OF AREA.
    • Both you and your caller’s telephone provider must have compatible caller ID systems.
    • Allow at least 2 rings before Caller ID is displayed.
    • If none of your devices are receiving Caller ID data, contact your telephone service provider.
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