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Clarity SLC3.4Plus - not well designed for elders, lousy phonebook
Almost the only thing this phone has going for it is that it is plenty loud, when you can get it to that point. It is not easy to use to make calls - a serious problem for an elder who might need to make an urgent call. The phonebook is not searchable, meaning it would jump to the initial letter of a name when that key on the keypad is pressed (e.g. 3 for D, E, or F). One must use the arrow key to move through each entry. Pressing a key jumps to the Voicemail. One positive feature is that the phone can be set to speak each numerical key as it is pressed, but it is confusing that it speaks it again when dialing the number, either from entry or phonebook. It is a bit odd that to both make and end a call one presses the TALK key. Most phones, cordless and cellular, use two keys, often marked in green (make a call) and red (end a call). This is poor consistency with the general user interface context of current phones. My 90-year old mother has missed getting her voicemail for two weeks and constantly reports difficulty in making calls. And she is a sharp-witted 90. When she can get to voicemail or answers a call she often loses the first part as she turns on the audio boost. The always on audio boost feature wasn't successful for her. I would not buy this again or recommend it. I wish I had done more research.
May 19, 2019
1 year ago
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